Thursday, April 19, 2018

Sumire Expresses Discomfort with Japanese Variety: "I made a baka character" "I was tired"

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すみれ 日本のバラエティーへの嫌悪感「バカキャラ作ってた」「疲れた」

"I was always acting. [Even though I was laughing on screen] I wasn't laughing, I always pretended to be laughing. I made a baka character."

"I really have a deep voice, but when I came to Japan, everyone has a high voice like anime, I thought I had to change it."

Isn't the Quality of the Recent Vocaloid Artists too High?

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Yonezu goes without saying and on Eve n-buna, Nayutalien and the like only make good songs
A revolution will happen in the Jpop world, no it's happening...

Hey! Say! Jump Okamoto Keito "I dropped out of Sophia University"

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Hey! Say! JUMP岡本圭人が告白「上智大を退学しました」│NEWSポストセブン
Hey! Say! JUMPの岡本圭人(25才)が上智大学を退学していたことを明らかにした。「昨年の秋、メンバーに集まってもらって、ぼくの大学のことを“報告”しました。この6年間、メンバーはぼくが仕事をしながら学生を続けることをサポートしてくれましたから。もしぼくがメンバーの立場だったら、報告を聞いてとても落胆したと思います。でもみんなは何も言わず、“圭人、大丈夫?”と…」

"In the summer of last year, I got a letter from the college. I learned that I dropped out of school from my father, who opened the letter. When I started activities in entertainment I promised my father "I will definitely graduated college," and I Johnny-san celebrated my entrance to college. Even with all of that I dropped out of school. I am really sorry that I caused trouble to my father, people from the company, the members, and my fans."

Hey! Say! JUMP岡本圭人が告白「上智大を退学しました」

Monday, April 16, 2018

Kanjani 8 Shibutani Subaru Reveals the Crisis in the Abnormal Behavior in Johnny's "There is no Senpai to Aspire to be like Within the Company"

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関ジャニ渋谷の脱退会見、ジャニーズが異常行動で危機鮮明…「事務所内に目標の先輩いない」 | ビジネスジャーナル
関ジャニ渋谷の脱退会見、ジャニーズが異常行動で危機鮮明…「事務所内に目標の先輩いない」 | ビジネスジャーナル

At the press conference, Shibutani was asked "Is there any senpai that you can aspire to be like in the company?" He answered "If there was someone that I could aspire to, then I don't think I would be quitting."


Shibutani Subaru Makes Official Announcement of Retirement from Johnny's

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It was for real...I'm so shocked I can't believe it

【速報】渋谷すばる ジャニーズ事務所から退所を公式発表

【速報】渋谷すばる ジャニーズ事務所から退所を公式発表
【速報】渋谷すばる ジャニーズ事務所から退所を公式発表

Friday, April 13, 2018

Shibutani Subaru to Quit Kanjani 8, Summer Tour to Possibly be Cancelled

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There was a previous top but

渋谷すばるが「関ジャニ∞」を脱退か 今夏の全国ツアーがなくなる可能性も - ライブドアニュース
渋谷すばるが「関ジャニ∞」を脱退か 今夏の全国ツアーがなくなる可能性も - ライブドアニュース

Since the Friday article came out I'm making a topic.

Johnny's is in a big panic after Shibutani's actions.

If Shibutani is, there is a possibility that the planned 5 dome summer tour will be out of the window. At Johnny's, there is a place where groups are called to when there is a problem. This time, in order to persuade him from leaving, Fujishima Julie (51) gathered the members and tried to convince Shibutani.

【FRIDAY】渋谷すばる『関ジャニ∞』を脱退へ 今夏の全国ツアーがなくなる可能性も

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Ninomiya Kazunari and Ito Ayako Caught on Driving Date

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Nino's car was parked in the parking lot. Instead of getting in the driver's seat he got into the rear passenger seat. The person driving was Ito Ayako.

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