Sunday, February 11, 2018

Idol Groups' Most Popular Member

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AKB are easy to recognize, but what are some others?
For KAT-TUN I think it's Kamenashi-kun

Friday, February 9, 2018

Sexy Zone's Push Won't Stop! Will the "Sexy Era" of Johnny's Come?

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"After Hey! Say! Jump became popular, they are the young group that will be pushed by the company. Just like their song from their 2011 debut, a "Sexy Era" might finally arrive."

Sexy Zone 推しが止まらない!ジャニーズの “セクシー時代” 到来なるか

"In terms of their age, if they aren't pushed now then it will be too late. They are in that situation.

There were a lot of fans who wanted them to return as 5.
To aim for higher form now, they will need a lot of power, and it seems like that power has come out."

Yamashita Tomohisa Went to Hawaii with Popular Model Nikki Instead of Ishihara Satomi

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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Professor Hayashi Osamu: Japan will Become a Country of Unmarried People

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「日本は未婚大陸になる」と林修先生が断言 女性は年収が増えると結婚率が下がる?

「日本は未婚大陸になる」と林先生が断言 女性は年収が増えると結婚率が下がる? – しらべぇ | 気になるアレを大調査ニュース!

Professor Hayashi says:

"When men's salary increases the rate of marriage increases. Men whose annual salary is 3,000,000 yen have a rate of 9.3%, and men who earn 6,000,000 yen have a rate of 37.6%. On the other had, when women's salary increases the marriage rate decreases.

Thinking of it in simple terms, a man with an annual salary of 3,00,000 yen should marry a woman whose salary is over 6,000,000 yen, but in reality will they marry? It is thought that 30% of women who are married won't give up the financial power."

Fukushi Sota Spotted on a Date

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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Fan Club of New Johnny's Group King&Prince Surpasses Number of Members in A.B.C.-z Fan Club in One Day

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In Johnny's, it is common to launch a fan club after a group's CD debut. However, the fan club for King&Prince has been launched right after they debuted, and the fan club members have increased greatly. As of February 2nd the members have surpassed 60,000 and are growing.

While that is great news, fans of A.B.C.-z are shocked. They debuted in December of 2012 with their DVD "Za ABC~ 5stars~" but the fan club was launched about 4 years after in July of 2016. Over a year has passed since then but their fan club members are only said to be 57,000.

Ryucheru and Peco Expecting Their First Child

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On the 3rd, model/talents Peco and Ryucheru revealed on their respective Twitter accounts that will be expecting their first child.

Peco wrote on her Twitter "On this occasion, I will announce that I have been blessed with my first child! Currently I am five months pregnant, and I am happy when I think that the child of my beloved Ryucheru is in my stomach. We are still immature, but if you look over us from now on I'll be glad!" 

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